Top 10 Universities in the World

There are many different universities in the world, and each has their own forte and weaknesses. But there are some universities that shine out from the rest with their high quality of education and numerous awards to recognize them. All of these universities are located in the United States and the United Kingdom and none come from the other continents. These universities are compared with many other schools and are rated objectively and constantly have persevered through the ages.

10. Columbia University

Located in the United States, Columbia University has been around since 1754 and has since then produced students who are successful in many different fields.

9. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Next is the Massachusetts Institute of Technology located in the United States, which is also known as MIT. It strives to create students who are capable in the fields of science and technology, as well as other courses, and it has succeeded greatly.

8. University of Chicago

University of Chicago, which is located in the USA, was founded in the 1890s, and soon began to emerge as a business and law school. They succeed in fields like law and economics and strive to bring the world into the classroom.

7. University College London

The goals of this university from United Kingdom are to create innovation and diversity as well as knowledge about society and educate their students about these topics.

6. Imperial College London

This is another university from the United Kingdom making it to the list of top international universities. They teach students well in the fields of science, engineering, management and medicine, and offer good scholarship programs.

5. California Institute of Technology

Also known as CalTech, California Institute of Technology is located in the United States. They do not have a large student body but they emphasize quality over quantity and have garnered many awards such as Science Watch and the Nobel Prize.

4. University of Oxford

University of Oxford has been around for over 900 years and helps students achieve in many different fields.

3. University of Cambridge.

They have been an institution for 800 years and have fully worked out the best ways to education in every field for their students.

2. Yale University

Located in the United States, Yale University has raised as many as 5 U.S. presidents, and many successful graduates have gotten very far in their chosen fields.

1. Harvard University

The top university in the entire world is Harvard University. It is an Ivy League school and the oldest university in the United States. Harvard is equipped with the best teaching methods and the most modern equipment, and they rightfully deserve the title as the number one university in the world.