Why Do Universities Ask for Admission Essays?

Most of the universities and colleges ask you to submit an essay as part of the admission process. They also provide detailed guidelines along with the questions you should answer in your essay. This requirement is in addition to the application form, references and other documents you submit. So, why do higher educational institutions give so much importance to admission essays? Let’s have a look at some of the prominent reasons behind this practice.

college admission essay

It tells them about your future plans

Colleges often find it difficult to shortlist applications on the basis of your educational qualifications alone. There may be thousands of other applicants with similar scores to yours. Your admission essay tells the admissions officer about your future plans, why you want to pursue the said course and why you have chosen to apply to that particular college. Based on the information and answers the essay writer provides, the college decides whether your profile matches their expectations and whether you deserve priority over other candidates. In order to increase your chances of success, you should highlight a mature mindset and critical thinking skills in your essay.

It tells them about your comprehension skills

Colleges usually provide a set of guidelines for writing admission essays. What you include in your essay and how well you comply with the guidelines gives them an insight into your ability to understand instructions and follow them. Hence, it is extremely important that you review the essay instructions carefully and understand them well. Make sure you include everything and in the same order the instructions ask you to. If you are availing the services of essaywriter.org or a similar professional agency, be sure to forward them your college guidelines for writing essay.

It tells them about your communication skills

When you go for higher education, colleges expect you to be able to express your ideas in a clear and effective manner. Admission officers use the essay to assess your writing skills and clarity of thought. They try to get an idea about your command over grammar, vocabulary and sentence formation. Remember that you need not use sophisticated, high-sounding words and phrases to make an impression. On the contrary, the simpler you keep it the better. Just ensure that the essay is free from grammatical errors and typos. Consider using small sentences to the extent possible. Break down the content into suitable headings and paragraphs.

Essay writing gives you an opportunity to personalize your college application. Use it to demonstrate your skills and abilities. Provide direct answers to the essay questions. At the same time, make it interesting to capture the attention of the reader. Show your commitment to learning and it can benefit the community at large. A powerful essay is all about establishing a strong case in your favor as to why the college should grant you admission.