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vSphere Interview Questions and Answers

Find below good interview questions and answers for vSphere Interview or when taking a virtualization interview questions to pass the job interview. These are the common interview questions faced by every virtualization essentials professional certification. 1. What is Virtualization Technology? Virtualization is the process ...Read More

CompTIA A+ Interview Questions and Answers

CompTIA stands for Computer Technology Industry Association, which is a non-profit organization. It measures and offers various certifications in computer proficiency. The A+ certification is offered for proficiency as a computer technician. Find below CompTIA A+ Interview Questions and Answers which will help you get ...Read More

Citrix XenApp Interview Questions and Answers

This page provides you with basic Citrix XenApp interview questions and answers to prepare for your Citrix XenApp interview. These are repeated questions asked in most of the interviews. 1. What is Citrix XML Service? The Citrix XML Service is used by clients connecting over the TCP/IP+HTTP protocol ...Read More