Internal Audit Manager Job Description, Responsibilities and Requirements

This job description of Internal Audit Manager will give you an idea on what the duties and responsibilities of this job involve and what are the educational and other requirements to become an audit manager.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • An audit manager performs some sort of same duties as of an accounts manager.
  • The major job of the audit manager is corroboration of a company’s financial evidences.
  • Audit managers study such basics to stumble out whether a company’s evidence presents its accurate financial position.
  • They make sure the company’s secretarial and accounting techniques by determining its books and documentations.
  • They contrast the company’s books with the evidences of the banks, agents, creditors, and others who transacts with the company.
  • They test the books of the various units within the organization as well.
  • Some audit managers work for public accounting firms and many of them work for private firms
  • Businesses, firms, and public organizations deal with auditors to confirm and endorse their financial reports.

Educational Qualification:

The job of internal audit managers is same to that of external audit managers, but internal audit manager work for and collect a salary from one organization or firm. These audit managers scrutinize and estimate the financial system of their company to make sure that it is being run professionally and cost-effectively. They inspect all financial verifications as well as accounting books, payroll proofs, and apparatus and register records. They put forward statements to administration on how accurate accounting strategies are running and where modifications should be made. To become an audit manager; a person must have at least a bachelor’s degree with a major in accounting. Courses in economics, communications, computers, and the humanities are also obliging and also he must have the job experience. Many external audit managers accept press forward degrees, such as a master’s degree in business administration (MBA).

How to Become an Auditor:

A lot of communal accounting firms need their external audit managers to pass their state’s documentation assessment and earn a Certified Public Accountant description. All states use the four-part Uniform CPA Examination. The exam lasts for one to two days and naturally has a pass rate of only 25 percent. Before applicants can take the exam, most states necessitate that they have some hours of college-level course-work, which is the comparable of a master’s degree and an undergraduate degree. The best way to get started in this meadow is in a public accounting firm. After candidates have expanded some knowledge in general accounting, they can start to concentrate in auditing. Applicants can find out about job apertures from accounting organizations, Internet job banks, and from confidential ads in newspapers. State and personal employment offices may also offer job guides.