What Is the Salary of a Licensed Massage Therapist?

Massage therapy is a growing field. Many people start training to become massage therapists every year. Some people become massage therapist with the idea that once they graduate from school, they will instantly start making $60 an hour, and be set for life. They don’t consider the time it takes to find clients and the expenses of setting up a business.

Own Practice or Employment?

Working for yourself is ideal, but it takes time to build a business. When you graduate from a massage school, it’s good to work for someone else while you try to build a clientele. The are a few different employment options that you can have as a therapist. Many therapists work in spas or chiropractors’ offices. The pay in these situations vary greatly. Some therapists are paid as little as $10 an hour. In other situations, the cost of the massage is split between the therapist and the employer.

Licensed Massage Therapist Salary

A variety of factors will determine what your salary will be as a licensed massage therapist.

Different salary in different places: Massage therapists get paid different rates in different parts of the country. A therapist in New York City might charge $100 for the same service for which a therapist in rural Idaho might charge $60.

Specialized therapists are paid higher: Massage therapists who are trained in a more specialized type of massage can charge more for an hour-long treatment session than someone who has no specialty.

Earning Potential

Massage therapist do have a large earning potential. If you plan your business well and are an excellent therapist, you can make as much money as you want. Your income will directly reflect the work you’re willing to put into your profession.