Banking Manager Job Duties, Responsibilities and Education Required

Given below is a job description for the position of Banking Manager:

Job Duties and Responsibilities:

As the name Manager indicates his/her job is to perform all the management functions of the bank. They deal in number of levels of an industry as in same industry. The job span of a manager enhances in accordance with the size of the bank as the bank sizes varies from small local bank to super regional banks. The banks of large size are made up as parent bank with many branches. The top scale officers and managers of a parent bank include Chief Executive Officer, Presidents along with vice presidents and assistant vice presidents, controller and treasurer. All of them do supervision of all activities performed in various branches of the parent company.

Each bank’s department is in the supervision of Financial Manager. Various types of managers can be found in each branch depending on job’s criterion. On other hand in small community bank, one Manager’s job is enlarged and it is he/she only who controls many different departments.

Loan mangers deal with the primary function of the bank i.e. making money by charging interest on different kinds of loans. The Commercial Manager does the evaluation by making credit reports and it is done to find out potential customers who are able to pay back their loans with interest.

These managers also overlook different personal and corporate trusts hence consult with investment specialists employed by the bank in order to make best strategy for the utilization of trust funds in regards with the beneficiaries.

Operation manager is entitled for all kinds of data processing services and usually works in corporate offices. Date processing services includes different bank’s shades such as check processing, record keeping and book keeping etc, which is done by using computers or other automated machinery. The Operation Manager is also responsible for the coordination in work flow among two branches.

There are many other kinds of managers besides this; there is Branch Manager for each parent bank who supervises all the operations of the branch.

Education and Qualification Required:

To become a bank manager needs a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. Interested individuals must emphasize on Mathematics, Accounting, business administration or economics.

Career Advancement:

Many trainees try to attain the advancement by becoming Managers but because of tough competition only few of them can make it till the end. Although there are number of jobs available in the middle management and many individuals start their career as a subordinate and then are promoted to high levels.

The working condition is normal and enthusiastic if we aim on maximum customer’s satisfaction.