Video Game Designer Resume Sample

Video games and Simulations have made the era so energetic that everyone love playing the games with great zeal. The online gaming has been entertaining the busy world to get few hours to relax. There are plenty of company’s making video games and investing huge sum on making a single game, the game designers are the one who are doing all the background work in architecting a game. The game designers are the busiest individuals dedicated to work on new creations and simulations; you can say they are in an AVATAR world.

Video Game designers are highly qualified professionals with high creative talent and experts in every small to big multimedia tool. A job as game designer is truly challenging as the employee should always keep updating himself with new tools, software and every device compatibility checks. The job description of these people would look something similar to a film director and screen play director, they create a gaming story, with set of rules and characters involved in the story, and they prepare a game in mind for different age groups. When it comes to salary structure of computer game designer, even the fresher are paid high, if they have enough skills and creative talent. The average salary would be around $70,000 to $80,000 per annum.

Sample Resume for Video Game Designer:


To gain a position of a video game designer in a reputed organizations Where am able to use my talents in various game Designing programs that will help clients see translated their visions and dreams into reality.

Technical Skills:

  • Build new game concepts and game design documents for mobile games
  • Design story, characters, environments and levels for mobile games
  • Designed social, action, Driving, fighting and many more.
  • Tools and Programming Languages: Flash, Perforce, Unity, Photoshop LUA, Kismet, C#, 2D graphics tools and workflow, 3D Unity, Blender, Maya, 3DSMax, C/C++, JAVA or Visual Basic programming languages, mobile UX/UI, Lua, design, KPI analysis and interpretation
  • Design and construct game play mechanics for well-known games
  • Worked as Multiplayer Designer for many clients
  • Blocking and building 3d levels through different phases of game development
  • Multiplayer map design, Drawing/art skills
  • Keep all aspects of designing a service-as-games through the full life cycle project
  • Slot machine game design, multiple IGT games
  • Design, prototyping, and iteration of game play mechanics. Knowledge of AGILE production methodology, Have participated in CDA CREATIVE DESIGN PRACTICES

Experience Summary:

Employer: WMS Gaming Inc.

5+ year’s industry experience, particularly in game designing

  • Create, test and execute game mechanics
  • Implement complex content that makeup the capabilities of existing systems
  • Design, develop, set and put into practice the features of the presentation layer for multiplayer experiences enter melody, and practice VO lines to be bringing multiplayer
  • Multi-layered understanding of camera systems in video games
  • Developing and maintaining design documentation, including but not limited to mechanical guidelines, user interface flows, loops and playing progression.
  • Wireframe UI for game features
  • Working with producers, PM, designers, engineers, and Art Director


Computer Graphics Degree from University of Alaska Fairbanks