Types of CPU Technologies

Central Processing Unit is the heart of a computer. Intel and AMD are 2 primary manufactures of PC CPUs in the world; each manufacturer periodically releases new processors. Their processor lineups are typically arranged into notebooks, desktops and server lines.

Hyper Threading

Intel’s hyper-threading technology (HTT) is a type of simultaneous multithreading (SMT). By using the superscalar technology of certain CPU, you can perform multiple operations on the same time, on the same CPU. To the OS, the computer appears to have 2 CPUs when hyper-threading is enabled.


Dual core and quad core – new Intel CPUs have dual and quad cores. This is essential 2 or 4 CPUs in one CPU.


Throttling or clamping controls how much time a CPU spends on a single process in an attempt to treat all processes fairly.

Micro code

Multimedia extension microcode (MMX) this can be considered a type of co-processor, MMX microcode is incorporated into most modern processor.


Over clocking refers to modifying the speed of your processor yourself to attempt to increase performance, can increase heat from the processor tremendously.


It is very fast and specialized memory used to hold data for the CPU, level 1 (L1) cache is inside the CPU, level 2 cache is outside the CPU, cache is for information that the CPU uses frequently, by having access to it, performance is increased.