Store Manager Job Description, Duties and Skills Required

A store manager remains accountable for majority of the activities in a store. On one hand, he/she does remain accountable for keeping up the store so as to make certain residents along with frequent visitors have right of entry to essential supplies along with accommodations. Thus, a store manager remains responsible for the precise maintenance of customer service, cash controls, buying and also the preservation of store and other amenities.

Store Manager Duties and Responsibilities:

  • A store manager is primarily responsible with regard to the maintenance of customer services along with facilities. As a result his/her primary duties include:
  • Welcoming consumers and rendering all kinds of assistances
  • Maintenance of the store along with discipline in the store
  • Promotion of hygiene along with proper protection of laundry obligations
  • The store manager is also responsible for the maintenance of stock along with supplies and inventories
  • He/she is the key person to maintain inventory, rate groceries along with supplies, check stocks repeatedly and also to mark the prices.
  • The store manager is also responsible for maintaining accounts. Hence he has got to record the prices in the computers, log books and check each and every record at the end of the day.
  • He/she also remains in charge of operating the cash register, checking cash receipts, making deposits, maintaining precise record of visa and debit accounts, reconciliation of bank statements.
  • The store manager also perform other forms of duties, depending on the situation

Store Manager Skills and Abilities:

  • The store manager must have strong aptitude in customer service, office administration, store management and administration, accounts owed and accounts receivables
  • The store manager has to have strong decision making aptitude.
  • He should have ability in effectual verbal and listening communications.
  • He should have good computer skills including accounts, excellence in time management and others.

Store Manager Education Requirements:

A Bachelor’s Degree is the minimum requirement for a person to be a store manager. Nowadays, owing to excessive rise in business rivalries, MBAs are having high demands in this industry.