Social Media Manager Resume Sample

Find below a Social Media Manager Resume Sample to help SEO professional write their CV in a better way and get an experience jobs in SEO firms. Social Media Manager is a person with in-depth knowledge of overall online social relationships and to get engaged with the public in various ways to represent a company’s brand or increase page view of a website.

Every SEO firm today needs a social media manager, these individuals are highly creative and work with social networking, micro sites, ads, social media marketing, PPC and plays a vital role in profiting the company and the client. He needs to maintain a team of employees and get the work done as required by the clients.

When writing a resume for a social media manager, place your professional summary on the top with total years of experience you have in SEO field and relevant experience in SMO & SMM, follow the next part with technical skills. When writing the experience summary makes sure you write, what to know, else the interview wouldn’t be as easy as you think, then you can mention about your education and any accomplishment.

Sample Resume for Social Media Manager:



Email ID:

Mobile No:

Professional Summary:

  • Overall experience of 5 years in SEO and 3+ years as SMO & SMM
  • Handle a team of SEO executives in getting the work done in time
  • Used all platforms of social media, along with blogging
  • Work hard in elevating and highlighting the brands of clients
  • Increase traffic of websites that require an online presence
  • Use different social media tools to monitor and analyze various fields of social networking
  • Use influence tools like Klout, Radian 6
  • Self-motivated, Strong interpersonal, organizational and time management skills.

Technical Skills:

  • Web Tools: HTML, Dream Weaver 8, Adobe Photoshop, CSS
  • Programming Languages: C, C++
  • Operating Systems: Windows XP, 7, 8
  • Create, Manage, Monitor and Report on SEM campaigns
  • Keyword Research and Analysis
  • Creating BlogSpot and WordPress blogs
  • Identify adversarial events and merchandise quality complaints and avoid complications
  • Collect social media sites and analyze their purpose
  • Find every client and brand name make their presence in social media channels
  • Develop Content for Submissions.

Employment History:

Organization: WeWork – New York

Duration: From __________ till date

Designation: Social Media Manager

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Analysis and Improvement of Results
  • Assign tasks to executives on a weekly basis
  • Creating active profiles using the brand or company names
  • Talk to clients personally and understand their requirements
  • Deal with static and dynamic sites with different rules
  • All executives are trained weekly on new topics
  • Satisfy the needs of clients and look to improve the traffic of websites
  • Use social media monitoring tools to periodically check how the working is going
  • Attend events and seminars happening at different places
  • Ensure all the employees are getting a break after every two hours
  • Try new tactics on own websites before implementing on clients websites
  • Schedule work to seniors and junior employees in a logical way
  • Teach new employees how to engage with people online
  • Send graphical reports to higher managers on daily basis
  • Highly motivate and discuss some real time scenarios and case studies with employees
  • Maintain a personal blog and share new techniques to reach people quickly
  • Quickly analyze how the search changes every often, how much priority is given to new social media sites
  • Maintain a separate database with all new social media sites, language and country

Organization: Horizon Media, Inc. – New York

Duration: From _________ till Date

Designation: SEO Executive

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Search Engine Optimization Organic (On Page, Off Page)
  • Planning and implementing various page optimization strategies through search engines
  • Maintaining Web Sites
  • Forum Posting
  • Blog Commenting
  • Social Book Marking (Digg, Mixx)
  • Article Submission
  • Keyword Research Tools
  • Micro Blogs Submission
  • Videos Submission
  • Yahoo Answers
  • Reviews Submission
  • Guest Writer Submission
  • Pay per Click (PPC)
  • XML Sitemaps
  • Directory Submissions and Link Exchanges

Other Skills:

  • Working Knowledge of WordPress, Joomla and Blogger in both frontend and backend
  • Can write the advanced CSS and HTML
  • Great knowledge of WordPress plugins and Blogger scripts
  • Worked in Technical, e-commerce, Health, News and Educations Websites


  • Awarded as the best SEO forecaster in 2010
  • Created a theme personally and shared with an organization, which was a huge success
  • Written a short book “What is referral Traffic” which was loved by top SEO gurus


B.S computer science From University of Nevada