Senior Java Developer (Experienced) Resume Sample

If you are applying for a senior Java developer position, then you need to have professional looking resume, the sample below will help you in finding a great resume format.

There are plenty of jobs for both experienced and entry level Java developers, the salaries range from $80, 000 to $82,900 per annum. When you’re a senior Java developer you should make sure the resume is filled with technologies used in developing applications.

As an experienced individual, start the resume with a profile summary where you need to mention the total years of experience in the field of Java. Then next section should have detailed info of technical summary, here you need to mention about the Java technologies, web technologies and other tools you have used in previous companies. When you are writing the experience summary use bulleted format and mention the name of the company, duration and project handled. The last section must be about the tools you have learned recently and educational qualifications.

Sample Resume for Experienced Java Developer:



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Professional Summary:

6 years of work experience in Java/J2ee Applications. I have been involved in web based applications using Java, J2EE technologies like Struts, Servlets, JSP, Spring and ORM Tools like Hibernate. My current role is as Java Developer and Team Lead in the Spring Application development.


  • Java/J2ee Technologies: J2SE1.6, JDBC, Servlets2.4, JSP, JSF, Scala, Akka, NDI/JMX, slf4j, log4j/logback
  • Web Development Frameworks: Struts1.1, MyFaces, Spring3.2 Junit4.0
  • Code Versioning Tools: Tortoise SVN, Star Team
  • Web Services: Web sphere, Apache CXF, Red5 web services
  • On Technologies: Hibernate3.2
  • IDE : rsa8.0, eclipse, MyEclipse and spring source tool suite 3.2
  • Web Technologies: Java Script, HTML, XML, XSD, XSLT
  • Databases: Oracle9i, MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • Application/Web Servers: Tomcat6.0, Red5, web sphere6. 0, web-Logic
  • Build Tools: Ant7.1, SVN-Ant, Maven3.0.3
  • Operating Systems: Windows 2000/XP, 7, 8, Linux

Experience Summary:

Client: State Farm Insurance

Project: Auto Quote Purchase Application

Duration: 2008 – Till Date

  • Solution Environment: J2se 1.6, Client Web Frame Work, JSP, Spring MVC 3.2.1 and Spring Web Flow, J2se 1.5, Client Web Frame Work, Servlets, JSP, web services Hibernate, Oracle, Junit.
  • Involved in the design, development and analysis documents in sharing with the clients.
  • Involved in Implementation of web services.
  • Associate with project managers when the situation demands
  • Guiding Fresher’s in their coding part
  • Participated in Database and writing HQL Queries
  • Integration of all modules
  • Involved UML class diagrams, relationships and code generation
  • Involved in Client Communication through Conference Calls and mails
  • Played a role as the Team Lead in managing the Requirements Analysis, Design and in the Development
  • Involved in the Java Design using the class and Sequence Diagrams as the outcome of the design.
  • Produced the Prototype for the Application using the Spring 3.2 with Spring Web Flow and MVC Architecture
  • Involved in using the Client Specific framework tools in the development of the Application like SFX for the Front End and utility Frameworks for Internationalization.
  • Trained the team with the latest use of the spring and the client Specific frameworks.
  • Involved in Client Statement through Conference Calls and mails
  • Involved and execute various design patterns like singleton, mediator, delegate, builder and controller.
  • Implemented Junit, Emma code coverage and PIT mutation coverage test cases.
  • Involved in maven build configurations.


  • Spring Source Tool Suite 3.2.
  • RSA 7.5, Web sphere 6.1, Star Team
  • Web -Logic and Oracle DB

Educational Qualification:

M.S. from Virginia Tech