Senior IT Professional Cover Letter Sample

Write an IT Professional cover letter along with your resume to get a job as a senior IT professional in corporate firms that deal with high IT administrative profiles. Being a senior professional you need to deal with complex issues and troubleshoot any scenario with ease. Hence, you need to have more skills and expertise in different areas of hardware and network.

The cover letter should contain the main points; write about your overall years of experience and main areas you handled. Any achievements you have received from IT department, certifications etc.… The main aim of this cover letter would catch the recruiter’s attention to the best job description. The sample below is prepared to write a cover letter for senior IT professionals and make their cover letter preparation easy.

Sample Cover Letter for Senior IT Professional:

  • Over 10 years of experience on desktop, hardware technician to advanced server role management
  • Culminating in current role as director of information technology
  • I have worked in 24/7 environment throughout my career, the perfectionist in managing crisis management skills and ability to exactly and quickly analyze problems.

Proven record of delivering:

Resources projects management, financial statement management and customer centric solutions

Certifications: MCSE & MCSA

In most current position as senior IT professional with AppLabs, I am completely specialized in all technical IT administration work, like managing both windows and Linux users, configuring every server and make sure there is no down time. The daily work schedule starts with monitoring for tickets mostly on AD, Exchange servers, File servers, backups and handle different sites of applabs.

It was with great relevance I have come across your job posting in a job portal and applying for the position of senior IT professional. I have mentioned my skills and expertise on how I have contributed to the company’s overall value.

I have enclosed my resume for your review. It would be comfortable if we can have a personal interview at your expediency. Thanks for your time and consideration.