Sample Resume for Law Student

Resume for Law Student need to be prepared with well-written realistic experience and skills.

A law student has to schoolwork a multiplicity of courses before entering the legal field. Some courses may include Criminal Law, Ethics and Conflicts of Law. They can be an intern during the summer months to gain experience and knowledge of the legal field before graduation.

Unless you have an immense experience as a law student or recent graduate, you should try to keep your resume to one page. Although managers do not live by one page resume rule, the extent of your resume should reflect your level of experience.

Law Student Resume Sample:



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Strive to develop my professional experience as Law Student in the field of law by joining in any of the prevalently known legal organization by helping judges and other professionals in their administrative and management functions.


College of law from Texas University College of arts and science from NY

Work experience:

US Foods, Inc, from 2012 till data

  • To help with care and documentation relating to corporate transactions, including mergers and possessions and strategic investments.
  • Help revise and update the model contracts.
  • Arrange / standardize corporate documents.
  • Conduct research and provide general foundation to projects under the guidance.
  • Assistance in organizing, storing and maintaining documents, forms and corporate business records.
  • Contribute to the achievement of corporate compliance initiatives.
  • Management of legal and political research.
  • The prospects for the research of new legal action, including both factual and legal claims.
  • Assisting with the investigation or preparation materials for public education.
  • Contribution to development, correct and promote targeted communications and workforce.
  • Participate in meetings related to legal issues, as suitable.