Sample Resume for High School Students

Find below a resume sample for high school students who are looking for part time jobs to make an income and purse there career.

Most of the students today are looking for part time jobs and once they finish their high schooling they study at university and working as a part time employee in a restaurant or babysitting. Students migrating from different countries make their earning though part jobs and perusing their career in high schools.

High school students are almost fresher’s, preparing a resume would always be a hard task; they need to have a better format in order to impress the recruiter. Their interpersonal skills and attitude matter the most. As you are about to give their first interview, it is necessary to be confident. The sample resume here would help you build a perfect format and assist in preparing the resume with ease.

High School Students Resume Sample:


A confident looking individual full of passion and zeal and looking for a career growth in IT field and ensure my skills help the growth of the company.


Southern High School, Santa Rita, GU

Technical Skills and Abilities:

  • Handled Windows and Linux servers
  • Have installed different software and configured in college labs
  • Knowledge in TCP/IP Suite
  • Take care of network connectivity issues
  • Troubleshooting outlook issues
  • Managing local and network file shares
  • Knowledge in CISCO switches and routers
  • Great knowledge of Command line interface
  • Have installed windows servers and Linux versions
  • Handled firewall issues
  • Assisted in taking backups in daily basis


Worked as assistant IT ADMIN and taking care over IT duties of Southern High School

Work Experience:

  • Installing, configuring and troubleshooting desktop and laptop of students and lecturers
  • Taking backups of file and mail servers
  • Remotely configuring software’s required for schools
  • Installing software’s and applications when necessary
  • Maintain software’s DVD library
  • Keeping track of damaged items
  • Setting up projectors in meeting rooms
  • Handling and configuring outlook issues
  • Entering new student details and maintaining an excel database


  • Browsing for new technical stuff
  • Love playing baseball