Sample Resume for Clinical Psychologist

This clinical psychologist resume sample will help a medical professional prepare their CV with minimal efforts; the format provides a structured way to have a success in your job search.

An Overview of Clinical Psychologist’s Duties:

The clinical philology is a field of study where you learn how to deal with physical and mental aspects of humans. Once you see an individual you should have the knowledge to sense his behavior, health and mental disorder. It’s the work of clinical psychologist to work closely with the mentally stressed patience’s and help them come over to normal stage. This profession requires you to be strong and have great logical thinking; you should have both scientific and clinical knowledge. The clinical psychologist salary would range from $60000 to $70000 per annul, this totally depends up on the experience and company your working for, experienced professionally can negotiate salary as required.

Clinical Psychologist Education Requirements:

In U.S.A this is highly paid and has huge scoop in getting job very quickly if you have finished undergraduate degree in psychology. You can go further with to join up in a graduate program which is 4-5 years, then you can study doctorate in psychology with 2 degrees available Psy.D. and Ph.D. The students should always make sure they are associated with American Psychological Association.

In U.K you can start the Clinical Psychologist career with degrees in D.Clin.Psychol. or Clin.Psy.D. The best places to get clinical psychology degrees in UK:

  • School of Psychology
  • Clearing House for Postgraduate Courses in Clinical Psychology
  • Oxford Doctoral Course of Clinical Psychology

How to Apply for Psychology Internship:

The internship for psychology is very helpful for students to directly work with patients; it makes you a prefect Psychologist who can treat the patients with ease. As said before applying for an internship you need to be member of American Psychological Association (APA).

Other requirements:

  • Must have a Master’s degree
  • Clinical course work
  • Doctoral candidacy
  • Minimum of three years of graduate-level practicum experience

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Clinical Psychology Application CV Example



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Clinical Psychologist with over 5+ years of experience and given all my life serving people of all kinds


  • Having 5+ years of experience in clinical psychology
  • Love to work with children and develop their mental health
  • Have collected different case studies from different countries in studying human behavioral emotions
  • Educated adults on how you can develop spiritual power in healing oneself
  • Provide training to juniors in learning disabilities, adult mental health, abnormal dispositions and medication
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills with positive attitude


Doctorate in Philosophy from Duquesne University

Experience Summary:

  • Always show interest in practical work then oral
  • Treat patients with intention to provide solutions
  • Talk to patients in knowing about the root cause of the issues
  • Travel a lot to meet patients and diagnose issues at their homes
  • Provide counseling for couples in starting a good family life
  • Use devices like TheraQuick software which is an advanced psychotherapy tool
  • Expertise in CBT Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Other Skills:

  • Best at giving speeches in public
  • Talking about live scenarios
  • Have a personal blog where I write about ways to helps people with science and spirituality