Resolving LaserJet Printing Problems

Follow best solutions to troubleshoot and resolve issues related to LaserJet Printing Problems; this will also help IT admins as well as for CompTIA A+ exams and interviews.

Laser printers are most complex printers but because laser printers are so common and a little more intelligent, usually it is not difficult to resolve laser printer issues.

Common LaserJet Printing Problems and Their Causes:

Following are the most common problems we encounter while using a LaserJet printer, along with what they actually mean (and the solution is self-explanatory):

Paper jam: because paper moves faster, you will have more paper jams, usually the cause is worn pickup rollers but it could also be worn drive gears. Worn exit rollers are also a possibility. Could also be paper quality or paper shape

Blank page: no toner on pages

Toner cartridge: toner cartridge is the cause many times of laser printer issues, shake cartridge and listen, forget to remove tape seal

Problem with transfer corona assembly: damaged or missing transfer corona wire

Problem with high voltage power supply: charges transfer corona

Black pages: a charge is not placed on the EP drum due to charging unit in toner cartridge not working. Replacing the toner cartridge should resolve this.

Frequent black marks on paper: toner spilled inside printer or crack intoner cartridge. Both cause leaked toner onto the rollers. The solution is to clean the rollers and potentially, replace the toner cartridge

Vertical black lines on paper: a groove or scratch in EP drum in toner cartridge or a dirty charging corona wire. Either way, cleaning the corona wire or replacing the cartridge should resolve this.

Vertical white lines on paper: clean the corona wires, some printers even come with small brushes so you can do this

Output is all garbage: incorrect printer drivers PCL or Postscript or bad printer interface card