Receptionist Job Description, Duties and Skills Required

Receptionists do remain responsible for making appointments and also setting them up suitably on the days and times specific, in addition to reminding people of these assignments. A receptionist has to comprehend lots of things; these include operations of his/her workplace and provide information of the same through e-mail or phone. Receptionist is also accountable for rendering secretarial and administrative support to make certain civic services carry on in an efficient manner.

Receptionist Duties and Responsibilities:

  • The first and foremost job of a receptionist is to render office support services to ensure efficiency and professionalism in the official environment.
  • He/she has to accept, direct and communicate telephone, fax messages and also emails.
  • The receptionist needs to open, and date each and every general correspondence; retain the general filing system and register all messages; play a crucial role regarding planning, arrangement of meetings and conferences and also conference calls.
  • The receptionist has got to retain a sufficient record of office supplies; reply to public questions; render secretarial and word-processing assistances.
  • He/she may have to provide administrative services if there is any such requirement.
  • The receptionist has to remember always that he/she is the first person from the company to greet or receive a visitor. His/her attitude can build up the company’s image to a large extent.

Receptionist Skills and Qualities:

  • The receptionist has to have proficiency and knowledge in lots of areas. These include office administration, pertinent legislation, policies and modus operandi, cultural and political environment of the vicinity.
  • He/she must have proficiency in several aspects. Some of these are team building, decision making, spoken and listening communications, computer skills including the aptitude to spreadsheet and word-processing programs at high speed, time management.

Reception Education Requirements:

A receptionist has to have a Bachelor’s Degree. Nowadays, a number of certificate programs have come to the fore. These programs are good and effective.