Paralegal Position Resume Sample

Find below Sample Paralegal Position Resume which can help you get a job in Law firms. A paralegal professional is an individual who helps lawyers in the provision of legal services also known as legal subordinate. A Paralegal should be balanced against education and training to carry out skiing in aboveboard work.

Paralegal jobs have different section to work on like corporate paralegal, real estate paralegal, government paralegal and immigration paralegal. When writing the resume for Paralegal job application makes sure your resume is a realist with pertinent skills, abilities, strengths, society services and allegation. The Paralegal Resume should never be overstated as a legal profession should give the first impression the best way.

Sample Resume for Paralegal Position:



Email Id:

Mobile No:

Career Objectives:

In search of a paralegal position in a prestigious law firm requiring extraordinary interaction skills, the aptitude to carry out secretarial assignment, expertise to assist lawyers in the exercise of their functions and major administrative capacity.


  • Help document search, review, organization and production of the large memory case, equivalence and explore.
  • Work with the originator and members to facilitate the review of invention disclosures in the monthly committee summit
  • Offer a high stage of purchaser service to bank customers, guiding them in the affairs of the bank, and the processing of their applications.
  • Perform transactions quickly and efficiently. Tracking sales and references in a database to meet sales targets.
  • Arrange and put forward legal documents such as briefs, agreements, wills, records, and maintaining the information in our database of patents.
  • Lead and coordinate activities of law office, including deliverance of subpoenas and support the annual review of maintaining patents and record keeping of patents.
  • Have a thorough knowledge of the different legal contract negotiations, administrative and support.

Experience Summary:

Company: Hinshaw & Culbertson

Duration: ________ till date

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Proven ability to carry out research on relevant laws, regulations and juridical articles, legal Capture updated volumes, ensuring library of legal materials is kept current.
  • Involved in drafting letters, agreements and mortgage lending.
  • Highly experienced in patent docketing and Patent Attorneys.
  • Coordinate with legal personnel with everyday activities, including the preparation and submission of documents with a variety state and centralized agencies.
  • Practice a lot of tact, diplomacy and Secrecy during communication with both internal and external contacts.
  • Worked on licensing/bonding data base, resolve disputed legal accounts, affidavits of mailing and memorandum.
  • Design, prepare and distribute regular reports on the corporateĀ units classifies a variety of convention, authoritarian proposals and conference.


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