New Grad Nurse Practitioner Resume Sample

Take a look at the new grad nurse resume sample and prepare your own CV to assist in creating your graduate nurse resume with ease.

These resumes for new grad nurse must be prepared using the standard format and focus on your core competencies, skills and qualifications. Compose in such a way to contain the truthful information regarding your skills, accomplishments and work history in the curriculum vitae.

A properly formatted and engaging resume of a new graduate nurse makes the changeover from the classroom into the practice environment much easier. New graduates nurses habitually with little or no experience may find it difficult to build their resume. Taking into consideration the skills necessary for a nursing position, you only need to learn how to transfer your nursing education into pertinent skills and experience.

New Grad Nurse Resume Objective:

A nursing position with the Children’s Healthcare of Georgia allocated me to make use of my knowledge and proficiency in different nursing areas including critical care, oncology and urgent situation.

Looking for a nursing position with Carolinas HealthCare, necessitating allowed me to develop my realistic experience at the same time provide excellent care to patients.

In search of a position of Occupation therapist entry level that will allow me to use my skills and knowledge, flask order to build the system efficiency.

Newly graduated nurses providing education, support and synchronization of the patients included in the disease management program in internal medicine to improve patient outcomes and reduced hospitalizations in recurrent contact.

Sample Resume for New Grad Nurse Practitioner:


New Grad B.S Nursing with 8 months practice motivated, team-focused professional with a passion for patient care. in healthcare field. Involved in the establishment, maintenance and improvement of goals of patient care through patient assessment, planning and implementation of nursing interventions and evaluation of patient outcomes. Communication with patients and colleagues show compassion and respect for the inherent dignity, value and the singularity of every individual, without restrictions based on social or property status or cultural rights beliefs.


  • Assess the effectiveness of the plan of care, and documents progress in meeting objectives. Review the plan of care as necessary to achieving the desired results.
  • Provide a safe environment for patients, staff, family and visitors.
  • A thorough knowledge of advance and high technology equipment and devices used.
  • Show consciousness prospective / actual hazards of infection and ways of transmission.
  • Prepare up an evacuation plan complete the use of resources and benchmarks, including appropriate community resources.
  • Worked under the guidance of the Charge Nurse and / or Nurse Manager, responsible and accountable for individual nursing practice and, where applicable, adequately delegates and oversees tasks to provide optimal patient care.
  • Evidence of financial responsibility by taking ownership of time management, decreasing waste (of time and supplies) and promoting profitability.
  • Attitudes and interactions demonstrate a positive outlook, personal initiative and motivation to achieve the goals of the unit.


Company: Intermountain Hospital

From _______ till date

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Plan to provide traditional and personalized comfort measures.
  • Offer an attorney providing emotional and informational support to patients and their families by giving them the opportunity to attend setting targets that they consider alternatives to care.
  • Provide feedback to the Nurse Managers regarding performance of RNs, LPN/LVNs and Nurse Aides.
  • Offer response to nurse administrators about the performance of RNs, LPNs / LVNs and nursing assistants.
  • Took part in the development and execution of individual action plans for patients with a wide variety of mental health issues.
  • Responsible for the unity of 20 beds in the day shift.
  • Developed an enthusiastic interest in surgical nursing and wants to dedicate myself to it.


  • Selected as one of the five student nurses to be admitted into the internship program after a careful selection process.
  • Effectively completed training in team building, administration and management of abusive behavior, psychotropic drug medication.
  • Acquired knowledge in modus operandi such as cryotherapy and trigger point injections.


Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Houston TX