Network Administrator Resume Sample

This network administrator resume sample will help you in writing the best formatted CV in a structured way, along with responsibilities, skills and salary details per annum.

Network Administrator Job Responsibilities and Salary

The network administrator is one who installs, setups, implements and monitors network devices in a company. Network devices like, switches and routers are configured according to the needs of the company and monitored 24/7. Network administrator responsibilities would vary from system admins as the network admins always have to make sure the network is up and running without any downtime. Network admins also need to take care of the DMZ which is connected to both the inner and outer networks. The network administrator salaries vary according to experience the person has. In India, they are paid from 20k pm to 5-8 lakh INR per annum.

A network administrator can never apply directly for this post, as he should have some previous experience as IT technician, system admin or hardware engineer. When you need to prepare a network administrator resume you need to upgrade the present one. Changing the skills section is very important; you need to add the switches, Routers, VLANS, Firewalls like pix and Cisco you have worked with. Let them know how advanced configurations you have done on these devices.

Sample Resume for Network Administrator:



Email ID:

Mobile No:

Career Objective:

To work in a responsible job opportunity in the area of Network Administrator, Maintenance in the IT industry, where my knowledge and experience can be shared and enhanced.

Experience Summary:

  • Working as a network administrator for Raytheon from ________ to till date.
  • Worked as system administrator for Cengage Learning from ______ to ________
  • Worked as a desktop support engineer for NETENRICH TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD from _____ to _______.

Job Roles and Responsibilities in Raytheon:

  • Worked autonomously to provide user support with a sense of urgency and exceptional customer service skills
  • Provided technical assistance to members of the desktop support team where necessary
  • Configure switches and routers for all 4 zones
  • Configured VLAN and Spanning Tree Protocol
  • Installing, troubleshooting, configuring, manageable switches.
  • Advanced troubleshooting in CISCO Routers.
  • Configuring routing protocols
  • Handled operations on Cisco Internetwork Operating System such as Backup and Disaster Recovery Management.

Technical Summary:

  • Worked on Cisco router 1700, 1800, 26xx, 3600, 37xx series
  • Catalyst Switch: 6500, 2900, 4948
  • Worked on NetApp (FAS980c & DS14MK2) //Sun
  • Netgear, Cisco, D-Link, Switch Linksys
  • Active Directory, VMware Fusion, VMware tools, PuTTy, Cisco Meeting Place, Pix Firewall.
  • Knowledge on configuring VMware switches


  • SCNA


BS degree in computer science