How to Write a Military to Civilian Resume

An individual needs to create a military to civilian resume when he is moving into civil career. This would be the toughest part for a military person to prepare a resume that would impress the civil employers.

A military resume should have the necessary skills that could be translated easily to civil services. for example if you have been working as a chef in military then you need to add in your skills and experience of work you have done in the past and how you need to convert them for civil service.

Military Service Job Description

  • Earned consistent devotion to excellence with quotes to quickly resolve the crisis praise, maintaining public order, concerning effectively with various cultural groups and the protection of property and lives.
  • Conducts to the risk evaluations and analyzes the operational impact
  • Selected for the information about assuring the security elite cleric protection for general visit, members of Congress and other senior officials
  • Security/Surveillance Operations, Law Enforcement & Public Safety, Defensive Tactics
  • Crime prevention, the collection of evidence, firearms safety and handling and management of forensic

The sample resume below can help a military individual prepare his own resume following the format below:

Sample Resume for Military to Civilian






A highly professional and versatile police officer looking to transient from military background to civil law enforcement.

Key Skills:

  • Maintaining security
  • Drugs and Alcohol Abuse Prevention
  • Dangerous substances Handling
  • Urban protection of strengths of the region
  • Weapons training

Experience Summary:

Employment: ADS – Virginia Beach, VA

  • Provide cleric protection for overhead access and other high-ranking officials.
  • Work, learn, and maintain different formations of simulation models with regard to plan, aviation, fires, logistics and the exploration operation as concerning the sale of tickets and the individual context of the military entrepreneur.
  • Translated real world or illusory enemy and gracious forces facilities in a database of simulation exercise. Study of highly classified documents and disinfects a lower level of classification for entry into a model, replication or report.
  • Involved and undertakes reviews and structured walk-through event providing simulation and training, operation orders and plans and demands for collecting information.
  • Process leading to the apprehension, prosecution and imprisonment of offenders


Degree in CES