How to Write My Essay for College Admission: Practical Tips to Craft an Impressive Essay

Essay writing is an important part of the admission process in the U.S. colleges. It also gives you an opportunity to impress the admissions officer by distinguishing yourself from other applicants. However, unfortunately, writing an impressive essay is not everybody’s cup of tea. In fact, most students are so afraid of the essay writing process that they keep procrastinating till the deadline approaches.


If you too are struggling with questions like how do I write my essay, can somebody help me do my essay, how do I type my essay without any errors, and so on, then here are some practical tips to help you craft an impressive essay that will boost your chances of getting selected by the college.

Choose Your Topic Wisely

Admission teams look for authenticity and the quality of thinking. Find a topic you really care about, where you can be genuinely yourself. However, try to choose one where you can show that you’ve got what the university expects from in its prospective students. Most colleges love to have students who are more likely to succeed in their career and bring honor and prestige to the college.

Understand the Essay Prompt

Many students commit the mistake of ignoring the essay prompt. Make sure you go through it carefully and completely. Answer all the questions that follow the prompt. This will demonstrate your ability to understand and follow the instructions.

Distinguish Yourself from Others

Since you will be competing with hundreds of other international students, you’ll stand a better chance if you can prove that you are different from other applicants. Think about the qualities that make you different – your culture, your lifetime experiences, sports you excel in, and so on.

Remember that the essay you write builds your personality and perception in the minds of the admission officers. Try to build an image of a responsible and ambitious student. You can do this by mentioning the community work you took up, presenting your association with various organizations, demonstrating the proof of leadership qualities, and other achievements.

Keep It Simple and Specific

Keep your essay simple and to the point. Don’t just ramble to fill the words. Say what you want to say in clear words. Try to be specific to the extent possible. For example, instead of saying, “I was suffering from some disease”, mention the name of the disease; instead of saying “high fever”, mention the exact temperature. Specificity and fine details always create a stronger impression.

Follow George Orwell’s Rules for Writing

Keep in mind Orwell’s rules for writing while drafting you essay:

  • Avoiding using a metaphor and simile.
  • Use short words instead of longer ones.
  • Cut out a word wherever possible.
  • Prefer active voice over passive.
  • Use everyday words instead of a jargon, foreign phrases, and scientific words.

Proofread Your Essay

Never ever skip proofreading the essay you wrote. Even when you think you’ve written everything perfectly, some errors and typos just manage to creep in. So, take out some time to go through what you have written. Check for grammar, diction, flow, and readability.

Follow these simple tips for writing an excellent essay for your admission into colleges and universities abroad. We wish you all the success!