How to Write a Professional Resume: 5 Key Elements You Should Not Miss Out

You normally write a resume when you need to apply for a job. When writing a resume you need to look into many aspects like format for the resume, usage of English, grammar mistakes, etc. The main intention of writing a resume is to tell the recruiter about your career, skills, experience and educational summary. The previous so called bio data’s have become a part of every individual job finders.

1. Begin your resume with objectives

The objective is a short sentence which describes willingness and passionate to apply for the job.

Few examples of resume objectives:

Ex 1:

Highly efficient Candidate, interested in working as a CPA with an organization estimates, where I can get the full support of the department and allowed to implement my practical accounting knowledge and skills for better performance management.

Ex 2:

Looking for a profile of in your reputable company by which I as marketing manager (technical) I can cater to the technical needs of the organization. My achievements and experience in the field can help the organization gain better understanding of customers and achieve high quality products and benefit the organization in the long term.

Ex 3:

I am a highly motivated and dedicated professional seeking to use my experience and education in the field of retail marketing for the growth and development of the organization.

Ex 4:

To be a customer-oriented retail marketing professional with valuable blend of academic skills and management experience combined with noticeable talent.

Ex 5:

To become a marketing professional retail customer oriented with valuable mix of academic skills and management experience combined with remarkable talent.

2. Give your educational background

Once you have finished with objectives, you need to write about your educational back ground. Describe about the college or university and year of completion of studies.

3. Mention your skills

The next part would be skills you have on a particular subject. If you are an accounting manager you need to write down about the skills and knowledge on payrolls, accounts receivables, payables, accounting software’s you have worked on. If you are a fresher and applying for an accounting job the skills should be given higher priority.

4. Experience is important

Once the skills section is finished, write about the experience summary, where you have previously worked. The experience summary should be written in detailed like the place you have worked, what kind of issued you have handled, what you have monitored. The experience summary should be genuine information as the interviewer for sure will look into these points mentioned before taking the interview.

5. Add value to your resume with extracurricular activities

The final section of a resume should be extracurricular activities or certifications. These days most of the courses have certifications.