How to Write a Caseworker Position Resume

Find below sample on how to write a Caseworker or a social worker resume. A caseworker is one who is endowed with social activities of a company or organization.

Caseworker Career and Salary:

Making a career in social work is best way to help humans in different ways; your main duties would be to provide service for casework politics, income maintenance caseworker, Medicaid caseworker, child welfare caseworker, CPS (Child Protective Services) caseworker, etc. A caseworker’s salary ranges from $30000 to $45000, this depends on your experience. You can make this caseworker as your part time career, mostly hired by schools, counseling for families and couples, Clinical and Non-Clinical Professional.

Writing a Caseworker Resume:

When writing a Caseworker resume you need to focus on the ways you have helped people in hospitals group homes, shelters, families, work in partnership with schools, law enforcement or child welfare services, School group activities etc.
social work degrees

Talking of careers in Caseworker / social work you can start with Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) and then Master of Social Work (MSW). There BSW gives you theoretical and entry level skills no how you can help humans; the best degree for caseworker would be to have MSW which allows you to get high payees.

Sample Resume for Caseworker Position:


12 Main Avenue

West Deptford, NJ 66821


Email Id:


Desire a Caseworker position with Geisinger Health System, having over 4 years of experience in social welfare and corrective environments.


  • Serving in child welfare agencies, Adoption agencies, Child day care and Family service agencies.
  • Helping people suffering from drug and alcohol addiction.
  • Interacting with patients and children.
  • Providing weekly psychoanalysis and advocacy services for couples.
  • Visiting patients home when required.
  • Direct the patient plan of care.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • Helping children in performing school group activities.
  • Performed Veteran’s Administration.

Experience Summary:


From 2010 to till date

  • Campaigner for patients.
  • Assist with handling plans in coordination with interdisciplinary squad members.
  • Making referrals or finding possessions as necessary.
  • Assist commutations between patience and doctors.
  • Involved in pharmaceutical assistance programs.
  • Recognize the significant social and emotional issues distressing patients and their families.
  • Handle counseling, assessments and case management.
  • Helping patience’s by providing educational presentations.
  • Skill to build positive working relationships with physicians and outer agencies.
  • Talk about diagnosis and treatment plan with medical suppliers.
  • Examine medical progress all the way through transitional duty program partaking.


Bachelor’s degree in Social Work