How to Perform Citrix XenApp Application Streaming

Being a XenApp admin your need to know how to deploy applications using Citrix XenApp application streaming for streamed apps.

Citrix came with the firsthand idea on how to deploy applications to end users with ICA and minimize the usage of system resource and administrative tasks. XenApp uses a technology called streamed apps to deploy applications to client machines in seconds. Follow the Citrix XenApp Application Streaming guidance:

Citrix Xenapp Application Streaming Guide

  1. Install the Citrix streaming profile onto fresh XP, win 7 machine along with the plug-in for streamed apps.
  2. Start the streaming profile and chose new profile and go ahead with the creation then you will choose the working directory of app files. Then run the programs and when we open streaming profile, we need to save this profile for winrar app. We need to provide an UNC path on a file server, from where this will be streamed to client machines. Though we install the winrar using streaming profiler, it will never be installed on the local system, check the program files.
  3. Now we need to publish this new streamed profile to users, so we go to access management console, applications – new – published apps.
  4. Type in the name, type of publishing streaming, server location, where we have saved the streaming profile on the file server. Then add in for which users.
  5. We also need to set application streaming on the farm level, go to the properties of farm and you will find trust XenApp plugin for streamed app.