How to Install vCenter Server 4.0 and vSphere Client

vCenter Server is a physical or virtual machine that has access to a database system that it supports. The Server must meet the specified hardware and software requirements in order to function. Here is how you can install vCenter server along with the vSphere client.

Installing vCenter Server

  • Insert the DVD or copy the setup files on the desktop and double click autorun.exe.
  • Chose the set up language.
  • In the next screen click on agree to license agreement.
  • In the next screen enter customer information, here you need to enter user name, organization, license key.
  • In the next screen select the database options.
  • Install a Microsoft SQL server 2005 express instance or use an existing supported database
  • In the next screen we have vCenter server services where you need to enter vCenter server services account information
  • In the next screen vCenter server linked mode options
  • Then in the next screen configure the ports
  • Next it will ask you to restart the computer, click on OK.

How to Install vSphere Client?

  • Insert the dvd or copy the setup files on the desktop and double click autorun.exe.
  • Here you need to select vSphere Client.
  • Now Chose setup language.
  • Now you receive a wizard that says “ welcome to the installation wizard for vmware vsphere client 4.0” click on next to start the installation.
  • Accept the license agreement.
  • Customer information.
  • Click on next to finish the installation.