Digital Headend Engineer Resume Sample

Find below Digital Headend Engineer Resume Sample, this resume will help you get a job in media publishing firms.

Digital Headend Engineer’s major duties involve maintaining cable TV digital headend equipment and Digital CATV Headend products. He needs to have immense knowledge of digital TV systems and products. He is the one who easily accomplishes TV and Digital products signaling issues. The Headend Engineer will have to deal with computerized electronic material to re-transmit videos to digital houses/boxes.

When writing Digital Headend Engineer Resume you should have good knowledge on what to put on the resume to get hold of the recruiter’s attention. As you deal a lot with Television and digital media products, you need to have commendable skills to prove how good you are with the digital networks.

The objective should specify your technical power. The experience summary needs a lot of writing, as you need to provide detailed information about the implementations, configurations and setup channels of digital networks and troubleshooting issues. Try to specify the exact products and models you have worked and what else you have done to resolve technical problems. Was there a lot of scope for Digital Headend Engineer with the world going digital.

Sample Resume for Digital Headend Engineer:




Email ID:


A person with technical passion looking for a company where I can demonstrate advanced skills and knowledge as Digital Headend Engineer.


  • Ability to set up QAM modulator Channel frequency.
  • Dealing with QAM codes, Symbol-Rate and Usable Bit-Rate
  • Implement and configure Digital CATV
  • Worked on: Subscriber Management System, Re-multiplexers, Conditional Access System, Scramblers, and Network Management System
  • Good verbal and communication skills
  • Immense knowledge of resolving technical issues of all digital products
  • Can easily configure groups of networks with software configurations of computers

Experience Summary:

  • Worked on satellite dish, hybrid CATV
  • Implementing trunk amplifier optimization
  • Configuring 30 analogus and 12 digital head ends using optical fiber and coaxial cable
  • Working knowledge on HFC networks, cmts and EOC
  • Administer and implementation of DSG, DOCSIS and OCAP
  • Worked with new clients on how to set up equipment and network design along with application servers
  • Immense knowledge of RF technology
  • Troubleshooting issues related to satellite, fiber ASI, satellite receivers, broadcast TV antenna systems and IP Ethernet feed
  • Provide training to newcomers on products like Cisco DCMs, Satellite receivers, Tektronix etc

Educational Qualification:

Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering

SCTE Professional Certification