Deli Clerk Resume Sample

Take a look at the sample below to prepare the best Deli Clerk Resume; this resume should always focus on skills and maintenance of Deli products. The deli clerk responsibilities would be to satisfy customer in servicing and providing products required.

A Deli Clerk Resume should start with objectives but the objectives should be short and let the recruiter know how well you can serve the deli customer. The next section is about your strengths, this area should be given lots of thought as these are where you need to add to your skills; which should show how good you are physically and mentally. The last section of the resume should contain your experience, the place where you have worked and what job responsibilities you have handled. Everything should be written in detail.

Resume Sample for Deli Clerk:


A deli clerk position at Scottsdale where I will be able to use my customer service and communication Skills.


  • Preparing, slicing, wrapping, weigh, pricing and marketing department deli products.
  • Inform customers of our products and service deli and help to increase sales for the delivery of food samples and by advocating additional items to customers.
  • Keep a positive attitude and friendly to customers and teammates.
  • Commitment to customers through smiles and greetings, providing information about products, providing tips and sample sales activity and provided giving a real appreciation.
  • By focusing on providing client service expeditious and friendly.
  • Processing transactions from the cash register, returning the change and returns.
  • Using the scale, printer machines, weights, and to ensure pricing is correct.
  • Understanding the significance of monitoring product pricing, signage, and placement, and the use of shelf tags and signage product’s shelf.
  • Maintaining a posture check clean, neat and tidy / counter sales and production areas of work.
  • Preparation, packing, crating, weighing, cutting and storage of delicatessen products, rotating as needed to ensure quality and safety.
  • Grounding and cooking deli foods, which includes items such as fried chicken and other foods, roasted chicken, salads, ready for a starting point, sandwiches and hot meals to the cases and the steam tables.
  • Merchandising, cutting and weighing prepared deli meats and cheeses.
  • Work safely around sharp cutting tools and hot ovens and burners.
  • Viewing deli goods following department and / or marketing guidelines.


Safeway Corp

From 2010 till Date

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Remain useful, discreet and courteous at all times
  • Provides superior client service. Prepares deli products (sandwiches, deli trays, soups, etc.) in accordance with company policy on merchandise presentation, safety, sanitation, service and upselling.
  • Worked on scales, scanners and debit/credit terminals.
  • Worked on UPC codes, store signage, and learn and memorize various register keys and codes.
  • Working knowledge of UPC codes, product labels, shelf signage, register forms, and posted company policies/procedures.
  • Learn a wide variety of delicatessen products, such as ingredients that will these products.


General Education Degree (GED)