Case Manager Cover Letter Sample

Obtain a professionally written cover letter sample for the position of case manager to succeed in the interview and get the job in any health care systems.

What Is a Case Manager?

Can call them emergency call reducer and proactive lifesaving healthcare professionals who identify and analyze mental and physical health of patience’s or management for older adults by allocating resources with a plan executed to meet the goals, they act as middle tire role between client relationship and service process. Case managers strive to maintain confidentiality and secrecy of client status; they mostly work in medical and social environment. They handle each case individually and gain knowledge and get better at handling every new case.

The case manager salary is being hiked gradually every year and the average salary per annum is estimated to be around $60,000 – $ 70,000. These substance abuse social workers need a good education and training to make their career, they need to have a bachelor’s degree in social work. The certifications of case managers include CCMC, CCM, LCSW, ACSW.

Sample Cover Letter for Case Manager Position:

Jan 30th 2014





Mobile No:


Mr. Steven


Dear Steven,

I have just received an email from the job portal I have signed up last night, as you have a vacancy for experienced case manager, I feel my skills and experience perfectly match your needs, with over 5+ years of work experience and almost handled 3 organizations, where I have always loved in serving people and help raise their confidence levels.

I am certified case manager with MA degree in social work and have worked on parenting skills, family solutions center, provision of targeted services, adult specialty, Psychiatric Rehabilitation. My abilities include:

  • Implementing and developing cost operational plans of care and providing authorized referral for services
  • Coordinating with nursing facility to assign affordable housing location
  • Locating service providers and exploits service system
  • Interpersonal associations with internal and external customers along with administration of needs assessments
  • Handle client service plans with problem recognition and resolution
  • Great oral and written communication

I have enclosed my resume which explains further details of my endeavors. I look forward to meet you personally to explore my skills and to discuss your company’s needs in greater detail.