Business Proposal Cover Letter Sample

A business proposal is made by an individual or a third party, who is specialized in certain fields and can help an organization or corporate business grow in different ways and add value to their customers. For example company’s today holds an IT department and they invest on servers, software’s and different tools, so being a third party business we need to write a business proposal letter to these companies to associate for a contract for a year to get your cost reduced and improve the infrastructure of the company. This business proposal is not just with IT companies, but it holds same for commercial and non commercial ones.

Sample Cover Letter for Business Proposal:



Managing Director


Subject:  Business proposal for using our IT services for your servers

Respected James,

I am writing this letter on behalf of XYZ Company to put forward our IT business Proposal, as we already had a telephonic conversation and looking to contact you for a discussion soon on how to improve your technical, hardware, server and cloud infrastructure of business.

We know that your company’s is named in the top list of IT sector but the only means we can associate with you is to replace the existing infrastructure with the latest cloud integrated with VMware and Citrix. You can also take look at our company’s website and look the case studies, the client’s satisfaction we had with different corporate companies worldwide. We are also the cheapest and quality IT service providers when you compare to others.

I can assure you that we can shake hands soon to improve the profits and overall business of your company. We both can jointly be benefited with the acceptance of the proposal. I have attached few copies of the proposal details and outlined the work modules. Please go through and we will call you soon in a hope we make a profitable partnership business. For any further query we can be contacted on




XYZ Company