Business Plan Cover Letter Sample

A business plan is made to meet business goals. Every business plan is made keeping the audience in mind; you write a business plan cover letter when applying a bank loan, restaurants, investors etc. This includes decision making activities in reaching a business objective.

Sample Business Plan Cover Letter:

Dear Mark,

I am writing this letter with 2 enclosed business plans for starting a natural foods restaurant which I feel is not available in our region, the need for natural food items and recipes are highly required for people to lose weight and have a happy healthy life.

We almost have few people with knowledge on having natural food; we can bring this restaurant with great support from few banks already providing loans. This idea could really make a new era for all age groups. The customers would be satisfied and add value to our business.

I hope you would accept this business plan and we would associate with you soon. I feel this weekend would be a great time to discuss the business plan with you. Please go through the attachments of business plan and for any clarification mail me or you can reach me at any time on 987897987987.