Art Education Resume Sample

Arts education resume is written when applying for a job in galleries or art exhibitions, motion films or computer-related fields. The sample Art Education Resume provides you a complete format of how to write arts resume showing his creative power to the world. Every individual looking for an art career is highly creative in his imaginations and he needs to put it into action.

Arts career would be a great choice for people having creative brains. There are plenty of jobs today, just because of video media development, 3D movies, TV Cartoons and Illustrations. Arts career could be performed either full or part time. But today most of the experienced people take freelancing and personal work at home.

Arts education/teacher resume should show how good you are in creative activities. The resume should have your skills like animation tools used, 3d, 2d tools etc. Try to show them paper work of your drawings from your childhood that will surely bring in the recruiter’s attention. If you have done some personal graphic arts work they try to provide them a CD/DVD copy. If the resume is totally intended for movie making graphic and cartoons then make it look more professional. Make sure you provide every small tool and software used in your career.

Sample Arts Education Resume:



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An individual with a creative talent with latest arts and graphic technology, fully passionate and zeal to work for a graphic company to display my skills and knowledge and bring business and customer satisfaction.

Skills Summary:

  • Have been into artist for 10 years.
  • Every morning starts with a natural drawing
  • My career started as a cartoonist and now working in animation movies.
  • Have used all high end software for 3d and 2d.
  • Finished my Master’s in Medical Illustration.
  • Familiar with digital work, print media and film
  • Possessing outstanding organizational skills
  • Conduct training sessions for new artists
  • Designing products and promoting them

Experience Summary:

  • Teaches students to improve their success in academic life skills, interpersonal relationships and daily through a defined path study.
  • Suits work in the classroom for the purpose of providing students with learning materials that meet individualized training plans in lesson plans established.
  • Build a positive learning environment and implementation oriented
  • Planning and implementing instructions for art lessons
  • Heads assistant teachers, students, teaching assistants, volunteers and / or workers to students in order to give an effective program of classroom and meeting individual needs of students.
  • Student councils with the aim of improving performance, health, technical problem resolution and a variety of personal problems.
  • Integrating technology with art lessons
  • Manages the behavior of students for the purpose of providing a safe and optimal learning environment.
  • Worked on every animation and graphic designing tools.


Bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Fine Arts Colorado Technical University