What Is the Main Use or Purpose of VMware Workstation 9?

Here are the reasons why you need VMware workstation 9 and how it is helpful for a company and ways it indirectly serves the needs of vSphere infrastructure.

1. Run multiple operating systems and their apps:

For example: you have windows XP running on your laptop/desktop, you want to test a new operating system like Windows 7, Windows 8 or Linux version. In this case you can download and install VMware workstation latest version from VMware’s official website. Once installed, you can directly install the new OS creating a new VM, VM means virtual machine. You can have any number of VM’S provided you have sufficient hard disk and RAM.

2. Specifically useful for IT Admins:

It is useful for IT admins for testing applications, configuration changes, proof of concept, etc.

When Microsoft releases some new product, you need to test the version on different operating systems, where you can install VM’s and then start testing the product. Once you feel the product is working on certain operating system, then you can implement it on the production servers.

3. Demonstration:

Whatever application you would like to experiment with, you have the choice of taking snapshots and demonstrating to users. You can show the demonstration to the outside clients on how the applications or software is working; with VMware workstation you have the chance to display the functionality of different applications in different operating systems. You can run 2 tier or 3 tier application inside the virtual machines. For example, you can install Windows latest server 2012 along with SQL database server and application.

4. Vsphere admin staging:

If you have a production vSphere and you are considering deploying some new virtual appliances, you can download those applications and demonstrate; and then if you feel comfortable you can move them into real time production environment. Move the virtual appliance to vSphere infrastructure. You can also move virtual machines down from vSphere production put them on a private network inside VMware workstation and test configuration changes and then move them back to vSphere infrastructure. VMware workstation 9.0 is a very great and helpful tool for vSphere admins in locally checking and testing configurations of different virtual appliances before implementing them on original sphere infrastructure.

5. Excellent tool for development:

Normally, many developers use VMware workstation, as they themselves test their application in different operating systems and ensure the applications work in every operating system. This gives the developers perfect virtual lab environment.