Sun Certified System Administrator Resume Sample

Find below a resume sample for sun/Solaris /unix Certified System Administrators. The resume format will help you design your resume for job application.

When you are preparing a resume for Certified System Administrator you need to provide the detailed skills sets and experience summary. The recruiter should be able view your technical and troubleshooting skills to judge you as the perfect candidate for the job. The Certification details should be mentioned after the objectives, in better understanding if you are a Solaris certified system administrator or sun certified enterprise architect. Follow the sample below:

Sun Certified System Administrator Resume Sample:


A challenging position as a Solaris System Administrator that will capitalize on acquired expertise and experience.


Sun Solaris

Sun Certified System Administrator (Solaris 8) part 1

Sun Certified System Administrator (Solaris 8) part 2


Brainbench Certified in Computer fundamentals (Win 95/98)

Brainbench Certified in Computer fundamentals (Win XP)


Bachelor of Computer Science from floridatech university

Diploma in Electronics and Communication Engineering from California Polytechnic State University.


  • Desktop OS: DOS 6.22, Windows 3.11/95/98/ME, Windows NT, Windows 2000.
  • Windows: Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, 2003, 2008
  • Unix: Linux (Red hat 7.2, 8.0), Sun Solaris 7, 8.
  • Hardware: Server: E250, V280, E3500
  • Desktop PCs: SPARCstation 10, 30 Compaq desktop 2000 Series, Zenith, PCL
  • Web Server: Solaris (Apache), Tomcat.
  • Technologies: IIS 5, Win Proxy. DHCP, NFS, NIS, Autofs, Telnet, Rlogin, squid, Ipchains
  • Solaris to windows connectivity: SAMBA
  • Antivirus: Norton, McAfee


Designation: System Administrator

Organization: Incepture

Period: July 2009-till date

Job Profile (Solaris / Linux)

  • Mail server maintenance, Troubleshooting & setting up mail accounts for users locally & remotely.
  • Squid proxy server maintenance, for local users & Managing Internet settings.
  • Configured ipchains firewall & managed port services by IP masquedering.
  • Checking log files & truncating the files as needed.
  • Installed oracle on both Solaris & Linux, and managed the databases Knowledge on Veritas Volume Manager & Net backup ( Vxfs, VxVm).
  • Taking regular & incremental backups of file systems & databases.
  • Installed & upgraded Solaris, Linux & configured Web server, SAMBA server & Proxy server.
  • Apache-Tomcat server maintenance & fine-tuning of the server.
  • Monitoring Virtual memory, adding additional swap space as needed.
  • Configured, Management & maintaining NIS user accounts.
  • Troubles hooted file system crash, disk space problems, and network problems.
  • Automated jobs by using Cron & writing shell scripts & troubles hooting.
  • Documented various regular administrative tasks and backup procedures etc.


Designation: System Administrator

Organization: DG Business Solutions

Period: April 2006 – June 2008

Job Profile (Solaris)

  • Systems administration, maintenance and monitoring various day-to-day operations.
  • Processes administration and management like monitoring, start/stop/kill various processes/sub process.
  • File System administration and management like monitoring various logs, file system sizes etc.
  • User administration and management like add/change/delete
  • User profiles, security authorizations etc.
  • Maintaining and changing file systems & disk assignments using meta disk
  • Installation/Upgrade, System Startup & System Shutdown as needed.
  • Monitor System Performance Parameters using iostat, vmstat and fine-tuning.
  • Customized the user CDE environments and user profiles.
  • Scheduled various regular, periodic, future, queue tasks by using crontab, at.
  • Resolved system errors and crashes, disk space problems, huge file sizes, file system full errors.
  • Administration and trouble shooting skills on Disks & File Systems, Users & Groups.
  • Documented various regular administrative tasks and backup procedures etc.
  • Working knowledge in services like Rlogin, Telnet, FTP, X-Window System etc.
  • Experience in networking and TCP/IP services.


Designation: System Administrator

Organization: SCC Soft Computer

Period: April 2004 – March 2006

Job Profile (Windows NT)

  • Pre-installation, Planning, Installation and Post-Installation Support and Maintenance of Windows NT, and connectivity products on various hardware platforms. Installed, configured Windows NT on all Compatible PC`s Workgroups, Windows ’95, /98 workstations for users and established Domain / Workgroup connectivity to Servers.
  • User Co-ordinations and Help desk call handling.
  • Handling all Technical issues from user side.
  • Microsoft BackOffice installation, support, maintenance for, WINNT SERVER.
  • Evaluating Software for fax solutions and network management software.
  • Maintenance and Support.
  • Performance Tuning and Health monitoring.
  • Server rebuilding and hardware upgrades.
  • Establishing intra-organization security relationships and communication