Summer School Teacher Cover Letter Example

Summer school teachers are recruited to work during summer vacations. Job responsibilities vary depending upon the subject and activity a summer school teacher is recruited for. So, you need to have the right qualification to do justice with the position you are applying for and your resume as well as the cover letter should clearly highlight this.

Sample Cover Letter for Summer School Teacher:

Dear Mr. Black

It is with great passion that I submit an application for announcement of summer school teacher position. I am convinced that I meet your most stringent specifications for the job in Omaha Elementary School. As a master teacher with over 4 years of professional experience in different capacities within the school, I am a perfect match for the description you have provided in your publicity.

My experience in teaching regular classes and summer class is quite unrivaled I work with the team point of reference in mind that works well with students and associate teachers. I offer a wide knowledge of the design and accomplishment of summer school activities, taking into account both the educational and amusement phase. Furthermore, I am aware of the preparation of school and summer hours to acquire the aid of two teachers and substitute teachers have substantial experience and qualification education summer school guidelines.

My knowledge of the rules of health and safety and best practice, it is easy for me to work with children while guarantee their well-being at all times. I put everything I have on the table (and my resume) and expect that a meeting with you to put things in better perspective as well.