How Solomon Admissions Consulting Can Help You Secure Admission in International Colleges and Universities

The landscape of admission procedures and practices changes almost every year and so does the fee structure. Having a knowledgeable and experienced educational consultant by your side significantly increases your chances of success in securing admission. Admission consultants help in bringing out the best out of the candidates through actionable tips and strategies based on their expertise.

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We usually tend to find solace in success stories and reviews but an in-depth insight into the methodology adopted and its effectiveness can only be known after knowing the efforts taken by the professionals. Here we have tried to analyze the entire procedure and services Solomon Admissions Consulting follows to help you get through with flying colors. The services offered stand out from others as they have a good track record in helping students applying for admissions in different schools and universities, especially those located in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Experienced and Knowledgeable Staff

There are many universities, and applicants are always willing to apply to the best schools and colleges they have heard of. Solomon’s services try to fill the gap between expectations and requirements. Every university looks for certain qualities and qualifications in its applicant. Solomon has a team of professionals with good educational background. Most of their staff have graduated from top business schools, medical colleges, and national universities, and have in the past, worked in admission committees of reputed colleges and universities. They know the reasons for borderline rejections and hence, prepare the candidates accordingly.

Help With Essays and Personal Statements

Personal statements and essays are the most important part of admission applications. They demonstrate candidate’s skills and overall personality in a concise manner. Hobbies, interests, and various other activities are presented in such a manner that they look compelling. Solomon helps in framing experiences in a unique way to make them stand out from those of other candidates. The essays, their tone, grammar, and writing style… everything is up to date and the introspection process is done thoroughly.

Strategic Positioning of Candidates

Normally individual narrative stories are so confusing that there appear to have lot of contradictory information. This turns down the interest of the admission committees of universities and colleges. The admissions consultants at Solomon are experienced in strategic positioning of graduate and undergraduate applicants helping them stand out in the crowd. They help in inducing creativity and bringing in something special to attract the admission officers towards your application. They try to make the conventional hobbies, interests, talents, and experiences look unconventional. The first thing that the consultancy does is figuring out and studying what the prospective colleges and universities are trying to find in a candidate. Accordingly, tests and recommendations are given to the candidate.

Preparing Cover Letters and Resumes

Cover letters and resumes are another important factor in the admission process. They give you an opportunity to present your qualification and personal strengths before the admission committees. The admission consultants at Solomon do this in an extraordinary manner and present the candidate in the best way possible. They have a way with drafting letters and resumes in a way to create an unending impact on the reader’s mind.

Conducting Mock Interviews

Mock interviews are extremely helpful in preparing applicants for the actual admission interviews conducted in the campus and locally conducted alumni interviews. Alumni interviews have become an inseparable part of modern day admission process. Reputed colleges generally have their alumni across the world, who personally meet the applicants. Solomon helps you master the interview process, which is actually quite difficult and challenging to achieve.

Wide Range of Educational Institutions

The folks at Solomon have been securing admission in a number of big universities like Columbia University, Cornell University, Duke University, Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Chicago, University of Pennsylvania, Princeton University, Stanford University, USC, Yale University, UCLA, London School of Economics (LSE), and University of British Columbia (Canada), among others. Irrespective of your educational background and country, you will be “worked upon” to fit the admission procedure of the institution you are applying for. You can also find some educative videos on securing admissions on their YouTube channel.