Social Media Manager Cover Letter Sample

Find a cover letter for Social Media Managers; the sample will help you in writing a professional cover letter along with social media manager resume.

A social media manager is an individual looking to prompt a company’s online presence. So when preparing a cover letter, make sure you mention about overall experience as SMO and SMM and how you have assisted both the company and client in profiting from your creative work.  Take a look at the cover letter format below:

Sample Cover Letter for Social Media Manager:

Dear Antony,

In response to your advertisement in, am applying for the post of social media manager, a highly qualified and skills social media manager with relevant experience of 3+ in social media optimization and social media marketing. I am happy to server your organization and provide my services and profit the clients as well.

I am into SEO filed since 2008, where I served different clients of health, e-commerce, tech and news sites with on-page and off page SEO with a quotation to get back links and traffic, the design and development of the work was always scheduled. Currently am working as social media manager for Relias Learning – Raleigh, NC, where I own a team of 30 employees who work on websites and perform both SMO and SMM, assist them practically when necessary.

I have enclosed my resume along with the Cover letter, where you can view both my technical and social skills, to get a better idea on how I have assisted in providing overall benefits and goodwill to companies. I am expecting a call from you soon and would like to get the offer letter once the interview is finished. If you can call me on 777-5555-555, we can discuss and have a meeting this Sunday.

Sincerely Yours,