Sample Resume for College Student

Take a look at the sample resume for college students, most college students are fresher’s with no experience. The resume should be pure and simple concentrating more on achievements’ and skills, rather than faulty experience. These kinds of resumes are for students who are out of college and are interested in working for small companies to gain some knowledge with skills they are good at.

Every college student is a fresher and he/she now needs to gain experience, there main aim should be passion to learn and make use of whatever opportunity they receive. When applying for jobs students need to check if the job really suits their skills. If you have studied finance, then one should be looking for accounting and finance sectors, else the first step would ruin their career.

The sample resume for college student should be drafted with career objectives showing the recruiter his/her passion towards work. The skill sets should elaborated to ensure you have enough talent to service the organization. The last section of the student resume should talk about your strengths and achievements.

College Student Resume Sample:

David Clifford

1002, Blue Street, Washington, USA 100002

Objectives: Seek to use my knowledge and apply my skills in understanding corporate purposes and carry out my duties consequences

Education: M.B.A Finance.


  • Support account manager / account Chief on the day to day activity.
  • Expand communication skills, both oral and written to be able to write letters, emails, reports of contact and deal with all telephone inquiries with clients / suppliers.
  • Oriented group, responsible for the management, status report, by publishing reports of contact following the meetings.
  • Handle specific tasks and start taking possession of the Small Projects initial briefing at the end under the close surveillance of Account Manager with periodic updates.
  • Generate invoices, raising purchase orders, requests for quotes, specifications and printing costs for customers.
  • Director of sale assists in ordering promotional flyers.
  • Accounting using Tally 9 Accounting Software Applications
  • Submission of monthly filer with taxes

Technical skills:

  • MS Office Suite
  • Marketing and accounting Engineering Models.


  • Best ranked 10 in University, Top 5 in High school
  • Active participation in at community events