Registered Nurse Cover Letter Sample

Writing a registered nurse cover letter should be always starting with an active introduction to be outstanding then other applicants. Then write about educational background and experience.

When submitting a nomination for the position of Registered nurse, always include a cover letter attractive presentation with your CV or job application. Do not forget to respond to the letter to the correct person or department, if you want to get good results.

The LPN has 1-2 years of study at a community academy or institute of private post secondary education. These institutes have a restricted nursing opportunity of practice that is entirely contained within the scope of preparation of a nurse and cannot work with clients who are complicated and require multiple involvements.

Sample Cover Letter Example for Registered Nurse:

From Address

To Address

Dear Ms. Willams,

I’m an experienced nurse who is interested in exploring employment opportunities with your health care facility. I have enclosed my resume for your consideration.

As my resume indicates, I had a well-balanced progressive career in nursing. My record is one of the biggest responsibilities and achievements. I’m best known for my professional and caring attitude towards patients and staff, be a good person for other nurses, competence and organization, and trustworthiness. In addition to these personal qualities, I feel that my experience in the following areas would be most advantageous for you.

I would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your employment needs and my qualifications in more detail. I can be reached at (444) 666-6666 and by email

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.