Project Manager Cover Letter Sample

Find a professional IT project manager cover letter sample along with your resume for experienced managers when applying for an IT project manager role in a software firm.

When applying for an IT project manager job, make sure you have the right knowledge of the company and the salary structure, along with projects that match your requirements. Project management for IT is always different when compared to other management fields, as an IT manager always needs to cope up with the changes and updates for him to handle new IT services.

When writing a cover letter along with the resume its up to every individual to analyze his skills and experience before submitting a job application. A project manager career has been always about how he oversees the overall project in gaining benefits to organizations. The cover letter should show your confidence and experience in the first paragraph with a bulleted format of core responsibilities, the next sections should brief functional areas you have worked and your association with clients and managers.

Sample Cover Letter for IT Project Manager:

Jan 16, 2014

Brian Compton

Hiring Manager Name:

Company Name:


Sub: IT Project Manager

Dear Hiring Manager,

It’s with great relevance I have enclosed my resume and introduce myself as an experienced project manager with dedication and versatile skills in IT project management. The following endeavors illustrate my skills:

  • Investigation of data, such as consumer design application, drawings, manufacturing codes and equipment manuals.
  • Ensure project engineering job is accomplished in a timely manner
  • Demeanor project meetings, project tracking and analysis
  • Associate with third party vendors and cross functional teams
  • Strong organizational and leadership skills
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills

With the enclosed resume to explore my technical and virtualization skills with expertise in building two and three tier application, web based sites, VMware and Citrix application with strong influence of ITIL on organizations demand. I have had experience in troubleshooting different scenarios where the migration projects had me to involve for days; I have successfully developed migrations and provisioning of every server that required up and running for the domains.

As a project manager am very strong in communicating with managers and clients and engage them in meetings to discuss about technical aspects and every project is completed on time with minimum resources. I have consistently achieved great customer satisfactions and been awarded for successive years.

I hope you will welcome and have the opportunity to converse for further employment. I would love to meet you and discuss in details, please call me at 555-6666-777 or email me


Brian Compton