Medical Assistant Cover Letter for Externship Sample

Write your medical assistant cover letter externship for a job in clinical or educational institutions. The sample below helps in preparing the best externship cover letter.

What exactly is externship? Externship in case of medical fields is a training period for Field doctors for one year after graduating with a degree. People assume that Externship is short practical learning opportunities, but this not the case with medical field. The main intention of External partnerships offers samples of career possibilities. It is an opportunity for students to observe and ask questions.

What matter most as Medical Assistant Externship is you need to have great attitude of providing service to people then your skill. Check the Medical Assistant Externship cover letter sample below:

Medical Assistant Cover Letter for Externship Sample:



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This letter is to express my interest in having clinical practice in your association. From the research I knew how reputed your institution is in providing externships relevant to older medical assistants. I hope to measure off and receive my certification June 2013, at the University of Texas.

As a medical assistant, I bring a wealth of experience to your organization. My experience includes knowledge rich and ideal attitude.

I am proficient and skilled in medical transcription and word processing using a variety of software, and I scrupulous organize record keeping, filing and bookkeeping. I feel very contented to execute various clinical responsibilities such as obtaining accurate medical chronicle, taking vital signs, performing blood draws, and the application of splints and bandages. Moreover, I have also received certification in basic life support and first aid last year.

I have excellent interpersonal communication skills, and have a working knowledge of French conversation. My skills in both organization and time management allow me to multi-task with relative ease. Finally, I am very open to learn everything I possibly can during my externship courses.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


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