Marketing Executive Job Description, Duties and Skills Required

The basic job of a marketing executive is to build up, create and preserve marketing strategies in order to satisfy organizational aims. This includes effectual supervision of the marketing, publicity and promotional actions of the company. Marketing executive’s job is indeed intricate and needs a few abilities in order to perform the assigned job successfully. The job is not selling only but also to improve the company’s image in the related industry.

Marketing Executive Duties and Responsibilities:

  • The marketing executive has got to deal with and bring together all marketing, publicity and promotional staff and activities.
  • He/she has to carry out market research so as to find out needs of the market for current and upcoming products
  • A marketing executive has to make comprehensive examination of consumer research, existing market conditions along with all information of contenders
  • He/she has got to improve and put marketing plans and schemes for novel and current products into operation
  • The marketing executive has got to cope with the output of the marketing plans and projects on a regular basis
  • He/she has to keep an eye on, assess and deal with all marketing actions and results
  • The marketing executive has got to settle on and deal with the marketing budget, provide astute marketing activity contained by approved budget, improve pricing policy and make intimacy with media

Marketing Executive Skills and Qualities:

  • A marketing executive must have excellent written and oral communication skills.
  • He must have sagacious brain regarding organization and planning, problem examination and problem-solving.
  • He/she must have team-leadership aptitude along with proper presentation skills.
  • He needs to have articulacy, flexibility, originality, wisdom, power to make swift decisions and the mindset to work with others along with forbearance.

Marketing Job Education Requirements:

The marketing executive must have qualifications related to business or discipline of marketing or alike professional qualification like that of an MBA and others. He/she must be competent with technical marketing skills along with experiences.