Home Security Consultant Education Requirements and Salary

Security consultants offer hardware and client hold up services to help homeowners stop crime and fires in their homes and on their belongings. The home security consultant assesses a customer’s risk of property and individual loss due to fire or crime and recommends a security system to reduce that risk in agreement with the customer’s budget.

The hardware used in home security most often includes electronic burglar and fire alarm systems and exterior lighting. More difficult systems may include closed-circuit television. Customer support services include checking the alarm systems, notifying local police or firefighters when the alarm systems indicate problems, and upholding the alarm systems. Most security consultants work for companies that maintain home security systems over an extended area. In general, there are four basic types of positions in the home security industry: salespeople, technicians, support workers, and managers and administrators.

Getting the Job:

Individuals involved in working in this industry should apply to local home refuge businesses. They can contact local firms to learn what entry-level jobs are obtainable and what sort of experience is essential to get them. If candidates have basic secretarial skills and proven work habits, they could apply for an entry-level support position. If potential workers have training in electronics, they may be capable for an entry-level job as a technician-trainee.

Education and Training Requirements:

Generally, people functioning for a home security firm need a high school diploma, along with particular training in their area of proficiency. Technicians need to appreciate basic electronics and must be able to read electronics schematics. They must also be skilled electricians and should know the basics of telephone wiring. Salespeople should appreciate cost/risk psychiatry and must know the basic abilities of the various electronic alarm systems they offer. Managers and supervisor s should know the principles of accounting and basic business management.

Salary and Earning Potential:

The earnings of home security consultants vary depending on the location of employment. Technicians can earn between $9 and $25 per hour. Managers and supervisors earn much more. Employers usually provide benefits that include paid holidays and vacations, health assurance, and pension plans.