High Availability Printing in Windows Server 2012

Go through the page to know more about printing concepts on windows server 2012 along with high availability printing; follow the steps and configure the printers in a live environment.

What is High Availability Printing?

  • Provides availability in the event of a unplanned or planned outage
  • Print server is VM running on a node in a hyper –V failover cluster
  • Print service can move to another available node manually or automatically
  • Can now be deployed on either server 2012 or server core 2012 installation
  • Print server role is no longer available in the failover cluster manager
  • Takes advantage of the new virtual manager monitoring feature
  • Can utilize live migration and quick migration

Where to start?

  • Install at least two physical windows 2012 servers
  • Install the hyper-v role on each server
  • Install the failover cluster feature on each hyper-v server
  • Validate and create a hyper –v failover cluster
  • Make sure the printer server(s) VM are stored on a cluster shared volume
  • Install print and document service role on the printer server
  • Configure firewall to allow VM monitoring on the virtual machine
  • Configure virtual machine monitoring from the hyper –v host


Open server manager — tools–hyper-v manager–here you need to select the server that is in failover cluster and connect to server from hyper-v manager

On the server open server manager — manage — add roles and feature — select role based installation — select print and document service–>install

Configuring firewall:

Open windows firewall — add and app — select virtual machine monitoring make sure just the domain policy is selected, the private and public policies are to be configured — then select file and printer sharing to domain level