Forensic Accountant Resume Sample

Write Forensic Accountant Resume to get a job in legal, investigation, insurance firms, the sample below gives you an idea on how to write an effective resume for job application.

A forensic accountant is an individual who can handle issues on scam/fraud. There are plenty of job opening for forensic accountant just because the number of fraudulence cases have increased both online and off line. The salaries are very high when compared to other accountant jobs and the certified forensic accountants are in huge demand and well paid in every country.

When the scopes of forensic accountant jobs are preeminent, one also need to have good resume to get the job. The forensic resume should have brief objectives and practical skills you have practiced, the next section would need to be presented with detailed work experience and roles and responsibilities handled in previous employment. The last section of the resume should end with educational qualification and certifications like Certified Bank Forensic Accountant Course (CBFA), Certified Anti Money Laundering Expert (CAME) and Certified Forensic Accounting Professional (CFAP).

Forensic Accountant Resume Sample:



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Having the capability to improve the processing of monthly financials and reducing the turnaround from 30 to 14 days applying the best practices, I have faith in my abilities and a creditable candidate for the position of a forensic accountant.


  • Providing both lawsuit support and investigations
  • Scrutinize amount quantity disoriented by parties in legal disputes
  • Handle divorces cases and settle disputes
  • Easily solve issues related to internal theft and online fraud
  • Reviewing and analyzing proof of financial, particularly in sophisticated criminal financial operations or potential
  • Developing computerized applications to analyze, compare and interpret financial facts and figures
  • Development of IT applications to analyze, contrast and decipher developments and financial statistics
  • Knowledge of controls and internal GAAP and GAAS, including methodologies comprehension of Internal Oversight, terminology and conception
  • Analyze customer documents, extract relevant information and lay summaries

Experience Summary:

Employment: Securities and Exchange Commission, Washington, DC

Duration: 2010 till date

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Searching for the origins of entries and unrecorded transactions examine and verify data source documents
  • Assist seniors/juniors staff with adjustment the scope of the work required and down to business suggest analysis, recognize areas needing development, suggest creative alternatives and put into practice solutions
  • Perform service agency wide and state agency wide supervise, testing and analyzing.
  • Highly find workarounds and troubleshoot complex financial issues and satisfy a client in every means.
  • Administer WSP Management systems.
  • Calculating commissions for real estate brokerage and broker allocations
  • Play a major part in client assignments from start to end
  • Investigate financial fraud, financial replica, share analyzes and benchmarking of comparable determining whether fraud or irregularities occurred company.
  • Worked on many forensic software tools, generating reports in timely manner.


B.A. Degree in accounting

Certified in CPA and CBFA