Essay Writing Help: How to Write a Topic Sentence for Supporting Essay Writing

There are different instructions on how to write an essay. We have summarized for you how to write an essay about another text step by step in this practical tip.

Write an essay: A guide


Immediately write off has never led quickly to a goal. We’ll explain how to write an essay about another text. For this, you need proper planning and preparation.

  • First, ask yourself these questions: Which essay would I like to write? Is this a summary, an essay, or a discussion?
  • When writing an essay about another text, it is important to read through the text several times. Mark the most important sentences and keywords. When reading, pay attention to linguistic, stylistic devices and peculiarities and the effect of the text on the reader. You should also pay attention to recurring typesetting sentences.
  • Take notes for that. Write down the most important thing from the text as well as your own thoughts. These can be useful for writing your essay.
  • Collect for your essay the most essential information about the context of the creation of the text. Make a note of this on a separate sheet. The following things could be important: name of the author, year of publication, the context of origin, the intention of the author. You can find out the most optimal solution for your writing at that ensures a high-quality result.
  • You can also display your notes and thoughts in a structured way in a mind map. Then finding the information will be more straightforward.
  • Roughly speaking, an essay always consists of three parts: introduction, central part, and conclusion. The essay is written in a contemporary form.

Write the introduction

The introduction includes the most crucial information about the text and should lead you to the main part.

  • First, you should answer the five W questions: who, what, where, when, why.
  • An introduction should also contain a short summary. Note, however, that the introduction is intended only as an introduction and therefore may not take more than ten percent of the essay.

Body part: So go-ahead

The main part is the centerpiece of your essay. It takes about 80-90 percent of the total text. Here you have to deal with the original text or a specific topic and formulate your own thoughts.

  • The main part includes the interpretation and analysis of the form and content of the original text.
  • For example, characterize the figures of the original text.
  • Summarize text content. Objectively deal with the given text or topic.
  • Face objective arguments.
  • Think about an outline before you write so that you do not lose the thread of writing.
  • Readers should be able to follow their logic. For example, choose a chronological sequence of your arguments. But you can also build the main part thematically.
  • Content-related aspects should always be mentioned together.

Final: Find the perfect rounding

Here you summarize your findings from the text and check whether in the introduction questions asked in the main part could be answered.

  • Be sure to present only conclusions that you mentioned in the main section.
  • Summarize your text again briefly and systematically.
  • In the final part of your essay you are welcome to express your own opinion on the edited text or topic.
  • Write a meaningful sentence last. Therefore you can leave a lasting impact on the reader.
  • Just like the introduction, the conclusion should not be more than ten percent of the text mass.