Embedded Software Engineer Resume Sample

Find below a resume sample for Embedded Software Engineers which will help them apply for embedded software engineer jobs. The embedded software engineers are individuals looking to work as embedded programmers or developers for a software company. They will have to write programs for real time mechanical or electrical systems. These engineers who have to make a decision in choosing a programming language like C, C++, Java, etc.

Embedded Software Engineer are specialists in writing code for devices like micro-controllers and DSP, they will have to write code for hardware and embed for the functioning of device. Embedded programming has become popular so fast as it has become a perfect tool for many advanced devices like automatic four-wheel drive, washing machines, dishwashers, medical imaging and any devices which are executed by machines and electronic.

When applying for an Embedded Software Engineer it’s always required to prepare a resume to get a job soon. The resume should for sure show you technical and programming skills. The skills and experience sections on the resume should always be genuine as you will have many questions asked in the interview based on these two sections. Mention every project you worked for and the client details. Take a look at the sample below:

Sample Resume for Embedded Software Engineer:



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  • 2 + year of Embedded field experience.
  • Currently working Cardinal Peak – Lafayette, CO as a programmer.
  • 6 months intensive training on Embedded System Development at Pacific Biosciences.
  • Project experience in Linux (IPC & Internals), ARM (IDE: Code Warrior).


BACHELOR OF ENGINEERING [Electronics & Communication] from University of Leeds


  • Dedicated approach: Undertake work with absolute involvement and contribute to the fullest in completing the assignment
  • Smart and confident Engineering candidate with strong analytical skill and proven organizational abilities
  • Talent for leadership , self motivate and for attracting people to me


  • Programming and debugging: C & C++.
  • Operating System: Windows 98 & Linux (Internals & IPC).
  • Networking: Socket programming in Linux.
  • Real Time Operating System: Vx-Works.
  • Micro Controller: 8051 and ARM7TDMI Controller.
  • Android OS internals
  • Java, C++ and NDK skills on Android OS
  • Knowledge in Testing concept and SQL.


Cardinal Peak – Lafayette, CO

From 2010 till date

  • Worked with embedded Linux development, Linux kernel and device drivers
  • Strong knowledge in Object Oriented Design and Development (C++ and either C# or Java) required
  • Experience with motion control (servos, steppers, encoders, PID loops)
  • Board designers to develop firmware for new electronics control boards.
  • Electronics design team interface to applications level software engineers.
  • DMA driver development
  • I2c / SPI bus driver development
  • Experience with 8/16-bit microcontrollers
  • Strong attention to details, highly organized, computer literate