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Bar Manager Resume Sample

Find below a sample bar manager resume which will help you to  get a job in a bar or pub and will also help fresher’s and experienced individuals prepare the resume with ease. Bar, Pub and restaurant managers move in the same stream as ...Read More

Bank Teller Resume Sample

Find below Bank Teller Resume Sample and Bank Teller Job Description for Resume – Write a good teller resume looking at the sample provided below, the resume helps both no experience and experienced. A bank teller is an individual working in a banking sector and his ...Read More

Adjunct Professor Resume Sample

Write an adjunct professor resume to get a part time job on contract basis in a college or university, the sample below will help professors format their resume the best way. What is an adjunct instructor? Adjunct instructor or professors are individuals who work ...Read More

Accounts Payable Manager Resume Example

This sample of resume for accounts payable manager position will help you in your job application process in accounting and financial firms. Accounts payable managers are accountable for the management and systematize the overall accounts payable duties of an organization. Accountants are responsible for ...Read More

Billing Coordinator Resume Sample

If you are looking to write Billing Coordinator Resume to get a job in either legal or medical billing firms, the sample below gives you an idea on how to write an effective resume for job application. What Is a Billing Coordinator? A billing ...Read More

Meeting Planner Resume Sample

Find below a Meeting Planner Resume, Meeting Planner is one who manages and Plans for a major event like organize a party, retreat, sales conference and meetings. The main aim of meeting planner is to organize events in such a way to make guest ...Read More

Active Directory Resume Sample

Write your Active directory resume by following the sample below, which helps prepare the resume for job application. After working as desktop admin and system admin, the main focus would be to become an AD admin, an AD admin is one who needs to ...Read More

Busser Resume Sample

Find below Busser Resume Sample, which will help in modifying your resume in a better way to attract the recruiter and call you for the job interview. What Is a Busser? The bussers are individuals working in restaurants and cafeteria, there primary job is ...Read More

SEO Manager Resume Sample

Find below sample SEO manager resume which can help you get a job in affordable SEO firm. SEO managers is a person who has great experience in every part of search engine optimization and works for a search engine marketing companies, he should have ...Read More