Audit Associate Cover Letter Sample

Write the Audit Associate Cover Letter to get a job as Audit Associate, take a look at the sample below to snatch the recruiter’s interest.

What exactly is auditing?

The audit is a means of collecting compliance demonstrations with certain requirements. Such requirements can be anything such as procedures, norms or agreements in which an organization has subscribed. However, these requirements may also involve laws and regulations, including demands of others outside parties which may have business relationships and interests of the organization.

Associate Auditor Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Audit Associate conducts through selected within the organization (internal audit) auditors, but are independent of the region or function being audited.
  • Assist with planning work on allocated segments to verification.
  • To assist in identifying registrations or oriented analysis, the extent to which tests to apply, and working papers to prepare.
  • To recommend means to obtain, analyze and assess the evidence data.
  • Hold preparatory talks for apparent shortcomings with the operating personnel to verify and get explanations and reasons for each perceived gap and replies document.
  • Working under the direction of a supervisor and usually applies accepted auditing standards to ensure that staff comply with the rules and the rules of the government and direction from senior management in the performance of their tasks.

Cover Letter Sample for Audit Associate:

Dear Simmons,

I write to you in response to your recent announcement of the Turnberry Associates for an Audit Associate position. Based on extensive research on your job description have found that I possess the qualifications required in auditing and accountability skills to offer your company.

I have a diploma in accounting and I have education, skills and training necessary for this position. I worked as a director for the past four years in which my primary job was handling general accounting functions such as preparing and making deposits and manipulation vendors.

Here are my core attributes that make me a great candidate for a lead Audit Associate position:

  • Well versed in the practice of planning the audit and preparation of audit programs to meet the objectives
  • Supervised value of the property purchased.
  • Assistance of Section abroad company in terms of business accounting.
  • Efficient and standardized ability to communicate to present findings of the audit of the top management.
  • The findings of the audit report and to make recommendations for correcting inadequate conditions, improving operations and / or cost reductions.

If you need supplementary information or have any other questions please contact me at (phone, address, email). Thank you so much for your time. I am looking forward to hear from you soon.


John Donaldson