Administrative Assistant Job Description, Duties and Skills Required

An administrative assistant works under the direction of an Executive Director on a full-time basis. The main responsibility of an administrative assistant is to administer and deal with all forms of office procedures. Well, with the exception of this, the administrative assistant has to manage other tasks as deputed by the Executive Director. All these include the duties of an administrative assistant consist of secretarial, receptionist and also project based work.

Administrative Assistant Duties and Responsibilities:

  • An administrative assistant has got to administer almost all features of general office coordination.
  • He/she is accountable for maintaining office calendar so as to match up overall proficiency along with meetings.
  • He/she remains in charge of retaining privacy of office in each and every aspect.
  • The administrative assistant has to keep an eye on, fortify the company’s website; interact with stakeholders, office staff and even visitors.
  • He/she is required to carry out general clerical duties as well. Some of these are copying, mailing, accounting and even filing.
  • The administrative assistant remains in charge of coordinating and retaining significant records, preparing office budgets and also administration of work force.
  • One of the most important duties of an administrative assistant is to generate and revise key documents of the office. Some of these are reports, statements, important letters, presentation software like QuickBooks and Microsoft Office.
  • An administrative assistant plays a crucial role during the meetings of Board of Directors and any other form of emergency meetings. He/she remains in charge of researching and compiling facts and preparation of crucial reports.
  • An administrative assistant is the most important person to coordinate meetings along with conferences.
  • He/she also plays a crucial role in special forms of official events including fundraising activities.

Administrative Assistant Skills and Qualities:

  • The administrative assistant has got to be computer literate.
  • He/she must have good aptitude in writing, analyzing problems and finding solutions during emergencies.
  • The administrative assistant must have the intrinsic competence to adhere to oral with written instructions.

Administrative Assistant Education Requirements:

An administrative assistant must have Bachelor’s Degree along with 3 years of experience in common office responsibilities along with procedures.